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Carpet of Life

A collaboration with non-profit, social organization, Carpet of Life.

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Carpet of Life make their carpets solely from recycled clothes and fabric scraps, preventing waste materials ending up in landfill. They work alongside the Nomadic Berben women who use the traditional Boucherouite technique to weave the carpets.

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This design collection for COL tells the weavers story.

It explores the relationship between the weavers and the making process: the interaction and connection to the loom and each other.

The design started with Charlotte, but was transformed and finished by the Nomadic women, forming a collaborative art piece.

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This collection communicates independence and confidence, opportunity and community: the core values of COL’s mission.

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COL so far has provided literacy classes in isolated villages, a sustainable income to the Nomadic woman, and an opportunity to sustain the tradition and heritage of the Boucherouite art form.